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Kalmar Pantbank AB
Esplanaden 21A
392 34 KALMAR

0480-185 30


Welcome to the pawn shop Kalmar Pantbank! We make it simple to get a loan on deposit. Visit us at Esplanaden 21A in Kalmar for a free appraisal. If you have gold as collateral, we aim to offer you the highest gold price in Kalmar!

Loan with collateral – borrow from yourself!

A loan from us is made with an item as collateral, called pawn. Anyone over 18 years with a valid photo identification can pawn an item. The loan is usually extended over a period of three months, and you get your money quickly.

How it works

  1. You bring your item to us.
  2. We make an appraisal of the item’s value, and let you know how much you can borrow.
  3. If you accept, you will get the money shortly. If the amount is more than 2000 SEK we deposit the money to your bank account, otherwise you get cash right then and there.
  4. When the loan expires you can either extend the loan, recover the item, or leave the item to be auctioned out.

You own your pawned item during the term of the loan. This makes it safe to even pawn your fine family heirlooms. You always have full control. When you take a loan, you get a deposit slip with the date of the loan, expiration date, the amount, and the description of the item. With a loan on deposit you can never be indebted to us or end up at the debt collector agencies.

What can be pawned?

You can use most items with a second hand value as collateral. Most frequently, this is gold and silver jewellery, watches, art, and musical instruments.

Interest and fees

The interest depends on the collateral item. Usually it is 3.5% per month, and is calculated on the first day of every monthly period. That is, a loan of 1000 SEK for 3 months will only cost 105 SEK in interest. Interest is also tax-deductible. A service fee of 50 SEK is added at repayment.

Loan timespan, recovery, and extending a loan

A loan usually runs for 3 months. At any time you can recover your item by paying off the loan, including fees and actual interest (1 month minimum). You can also extend the loan by paying interest and fees. This will give you 3 more months. At this time, if you want, you can also pay part of the loan, thus decreasing the amount to get the deposited item back, and lower the interest for the following period.

Late payments

After 3 months without extending or paying back the loan, the interest is raised by 2% and a late fee is added. You now have 2 months to either recover your item or extend your loan. If you choose not to end or extend your loan during these 2 months, your collateral will be auctioned out publicly. We always send out a notice before auctioning anything. Make sure that you have a valid phone number or e-mail address.

Buying jewellery, gold and other items from us

Our current auction is found at Tradera, where you can bid on an item of interest. When you have won an item, you get a message from Tradera. You can then collect the item in the pawn shop at Esplanaden 21A in Kalmar, or via postal service.

You can also buy jewellery or other items immediately through Tradera Butik. The price of jewellery is usually as low as a third of the prices at the local goldsmith!